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YPA Services

The YPA team offers Personal Assistance to both Companies and Individuals.

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The YPA team offers Personal Assistance to both Companies and Individuals.

We aim to be that one point of contact to assist with a person’s every day personal or business needs at short notice or when needed.

The service we offer includes errand running, administration assistance, event organization, assistance with recruitment, office support and more.
Have you been postponing the idea of getting help because of the cost and commitment?

Most Companies or self-employed individuals are aware of their need of assistance but they question whether that person can obtain the maximum return of what they are paying for. Many have also questioned whether they would be able to delegate enough work to an employee for the hours they are being paid for.

YPA provides the perfect solution for the professional assistance needed by many today at a substantially reduced cost compared to employing a full or part time PA with the same experience.

The YPA Service gives you the luxury of personal assistance while saving you time and money.

Business person working at office desk

Event Organisation

Would you like to organise an event? Do you need someone to assist you? Whether it is a Conference, Staff Event or Birthday party we are here to offer an extra pair of hands or to take it over completely. We can provide quotes, give you venue or entertainment suggestions, follow up with vendors and manage the process as required depending on how involved you want us to be.

Personal Assistance & Errands

Have you ever thought about how much time you could save if all your time-consuming tasks could be delegated from the comfort of your own home or office? We dedicate the same attention to detail and complete discretion to every desingated job regardless of the scale. We provide quick, reliable and timesaving support services to help you get more done in less time including but not limited to:

  • Errand running,
  • Booking of appointments,
  • Arranging lunches/dinners,
  • Car service
  • Managing personal events.

Office & Administration Assistance

We offer dedicated time and support to Companies who require someone to manage the post, do bank deposits, update documents, send registered mail, scanning and printing of documents, organising courier pick-ups and deliveries, stationery orders and more.

Recruitment Assistance

If our clients need to employ a part time or full time employee we provide assistance with the search. We offer a very personal service at a very competitive fee and focus mainly on Administration and Accounts positions. Go to for more information.