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About YPA

Ilona Busby

About YPA

Ilona Busby is an organizer by nature. Her love and talent for coordinating events, projects and tasks made her the person to go to whenever business colleagues, friends or family required assistance in any feat that needed organisational skills. In fact it was those closest to her that encouraged her to take her natural talent one step further.

This led to the set up of YPA in 2009. Its main aim is to assist individuals and businesses in Malta in a wide variety of tasks without the long term commitment. YPA’s ultimate objective is that of making clients’ lives easier by giving them peace of mind that the delegated task is being handled in a professional and efficient manner.

Ilona had over twelve years of experience specializing in HR, Finance and Personal Assistance before setting up YPA. This experience combined with the right local contacts, a personal passion for organising events and a positive attitude allows YPA to fullfill every requirement.

“Our success is based on the philosophy of always providing a personal, reliable and consistent service no matter how big or small the job may be.”

Ilona Busby, Your Personal Assistant